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Born: 7th November 1965
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Born: 11th December 1965
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Phil and Andy have been friends for over 20 years and a shared sense of humour prompted them to try their hand at comedy writing. At first it was hard going, but happily their work
is now produced on a regular basis. The partnership has enjoyed recent success in a variety of formats – Broken Comedy for TV & Radio, Screenplay, Children’s Programming and Stand-up with their work gaining recognition at home (the UK) and throughout Europe.

Our Comedy Heroes  Ronnie Barker – Dick Clement and Ian LeFrenais – Peter Sellers, Spike
Milligan, Harry Seacombe and Michael Bentine (AKA The Goons) – Tony Hancock – Peter Kay
Laurel and Hardy – Eric Sykes – Peter Cook and Dudley Moore – Billy Connolly…etc. etc.

To find out more about the writers, read the interview written by Carol Anne Strange that appeared in ‘The Write Stuff – The insider guide to successful scriptwriting‘.